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A list of resources and links that can support your RCIA journey
Enquiry Session 1
This session will be an opportunity to meet with the RCIA Team and other people interested in the RCIA Programme. We will share together about the experiences that have led us to join the RCIA program.
Enquiry Session 2
In this session we will reflect on some of the big questions of life using the search video series: Why a God? and Who are you?
Enquiry Session 3: Jesus
In this session we will reflect on who Jesus is
Enquiry Session 4: Salvation
In this session we will share together about why Jesus died for us and what does salvation mean
Enquiry Session 5: Communion with God
In this session we will share together about how God finds us and how we can find communion with God
Enquiry Session 6: Communion with the Church
In this session we will share together how we can come to know God more deeply in the church through praying with scripture and participation in the sacraments.
Catechumenate Session 7: Jesus’s Life & Death
In this session we will look more closely at the meaning of the death of Jesus on the cross and its meaning and significance for our lives.
Catechumenate Session 8: The Spiritual Life
In this session we will learn about how the Holy Spirit is given in the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation
Summer Holiday Reflection Time
Here are a few suggestions to encourage your reflection and learning over the summer holiday in January. We will meet again together Thursday 2nd February.
Catechumenate Session 9: Life received in the sacraments
In this session will learn more about the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.
Catechumenate Session 10: Life received in the Eucharist
In this session we will explore more deeply the sacrament of the eucharist. We will learn why the eucharist is referred to as the 'source and summit' of the christian life and how important and special it is for Catholics to go to mass on Sunday
Catechumenate Session 11: Life celebrated in the liturgy of the Church
In this class we will learn more about parts of the mass and how each part is special and important for our Sunday Celebration
Catechumenate Session 12: Life celebrated in the Sacraments
In this class we will look especially at the sacrament of reconciliation and the sacrament of anointing
Catechumenate Session 13. Life celebrated in Leadership
In this lesson we will learn about the Sacrament or Ordination and the Sacrament of Marriage. Both of these sacraments are special experiences of leadership; in the church and in the family, to repair and heal our world.
Catechumenate Session 14. Rite of Election and Scrutinies
This lesson will reflect on the Gospel Story about the Woman at the Well (John 4,1-42) and reflect on the Rite of Election and Scrutinies and Presentation of the Creed.
Catechumenate Session 15: The Call to Holiness
In this class we will listen to Pope Francis sharing the gospel vision that we are all connected to each other and our call is to create real community.
Catechumenate Session 16: Sin & Grace and the Path to Happiness
In this lesson we will discuss the topics of the moral life and living virtue
Catechumenate Session 17: Learning about Holy Week
This lesson we will learn about the special days of Holy Week beginning with Palm Sunday and ending with Easter Sunday
Catechumenate Session 18. Holy Thursday
This session is an invitation to attend and reflect on the ceremony of the Last Supper - Holy Thursday in the Church
Catechumenate Session 19: Committed to Love
In this session we will look at the christian understanding of love
Catechumenate Session 20: Committed to Marriage
In this class we will reflect and discuss the topic of christian love in marriage
Catechumenate Session 21: Committed to Neighbor
In this session we will reflect on the Catholic Church's Social Teaching and what it means to build a civilisation of love.
Practice for the Ceremony and beyond
Click here to learn about the final weeks of the RCIA program
This is a journey with St John of the Cross and St Teresa of Avila
About Lesson

Before Class: Meet with your Sponsor and discuss the 4 questions below. Meet with Fr Frank to discuss your decision about entering into the third stage of the RCIA Program (3. Period of Enlightenment). 

  1. Is my knowledge of the Catholic Faith increasing. What do I want to know more about? 
  2. Is my desire for God and desiring to live my life following Jesus increasing? Do I recognise any parts of my life that I feel called to change? What attitudes, practices, virtues, habits do I want to grow in my life to be more like Jesus? 
  3. Have I been regular in my practice of prayer? 
  4. Have I been regular in my participation with the community at Sunday Mass?

You can pray and reflect on the Woman at the Well (John 4, 1-42). You can click here for livingtheword 

In Class: We will reflect on the Samaritan Women at the Well (John, 4, 1-42). This is a special reading for the 3rd Sunday of Lent especially for RCIA candidates. We will also go through the ceremony for Rite of Election and Scrutinies

After Class: Choose one of the ways of prayer in the prayer booklet (see resource page) and try and complete this practice of prayer at least two times this week. You may like to journal and write about what you experience in prayer. 

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