Securing the Future of a Wellington Landmark

Earthquake Strengthening Project

St Mary of the Angels is a Wellington landmark and one of the most beautiful and historic churches in New Zealand.

It is a building of outstanding cultural and heritage significance which contributes hugely to the identity and vibrancy of Wellington. In the words of Heritage New Zealand, “it is hard to think of Wellington without it.”

St Mary of the Angels plays a leading role in making Wellington New Zealand’s cultural capital, serving not just a vibrant Catholic parish but the whole Wellington community. With its world-class acoustics and rich tradition in sacred music, it is an important venue for cultural events by groups such as the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the New Zealand String Quartet.

In the light of the earthquakes of July 2013, it is imperative that we strengthen this Category 1 Heritage building so it can be preserved and enjoyed by future generations. The Earthquake Strengthening Project described in this brochure will bring the Church close to 100% of the earthquake code.

We need the commitment and generosity of the whole Wellington and wider New Zealand community to safeguard this holy and restful place in the heart of the city.

We invite you to be part of securing the future of this national treasure. St Mary of the Angels has been a spiritual and cultural home for Wellingtonians for nearly 100 years.

Now the torch has been passed to us to make sure this wonderful legacy lives on for the next 100 years.