Mass timetable

Monday – Thursday

Exposition: 6.30am – 7.30am

Mass: 7.30am, 12.05pm & 5.15pm

11.30am-12pm, 12.30pm-1pm & 4.30pm-5pm


Exposition: 7am – 7.30am & 11am – 12pm

Mass: 7.30am, 12.05pm & 5.15pm

11am-12pm, 12.30pm – 1pm & 4.30pm – 5pm


Mass: 11am

Reconciliation: 10.30am – 11am & 4pm – 5pm


Mass: 7am, 9am, 11am (Choral), 5pm


At St Mary of the Angels we are happy to baptise people who wish to become part of the Christ’s Church on earth.

In the case of teenagers and adults we prefer candidates to participate in the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) programme and traditionally they are baptised as part of the Easter service each year. In all cases please contact the presbytery or speak to one of the staff.

Becoming a Catholic

Interested in the Possibility of Becoming a Catholic?

Do you want in a gentle, non-obligating, non-threatening way, to join with others to find out more about the Catholic experience, faith and life?

We are offering a reflective process called RCIA that leaves you free to respond and choose: Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.

For information and discussion about RCIA come (feel free to bring a friend) to the enquiry Meeting.

If you would like more information or wish to enrol please contact the Parish Office: email or phone 473 8074.


Please contact the Parish office on 04 473 8074 or email if you are interested in getting married in the St Mary of the Angels Church

Ministry to the sick and housebound

I was sick and you visited me” – Matthew 25

This Ministry attends to the needs of people in our wider parish community who are sick and/or housebound and are unable to come to Mass..

In the past this type of care was the role of the Parish Priest. Since the Second Vatican Council this Ministry to the sick and elderly is now the responsibility of all; family, parish community, religious and priests.

We do this with weekly visits with Holy Communion. The Sacrament of the Sick is also available to those who request it.

We find that many of the people we visit are an inspiration to us. They are the “power house of prayer”. They are the “oil that keeps the wheel turning” through their pain, suffering and lonely hours.

In turn we remember them in our prayers and can include their names in the Parish bulletin for the whole Parish Community to include in their prayers.

If you know of anyone who is sick or housebound, in your home, an apartment, flat or street, who would like a visit, and/or Sacrament of the Sick, please make contact with the Pastoral Team through the Parish Office phone 473-8074. We will be in touch.

First Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation


Parents please register children for the Sacramental Preparation Programme in February of each year. Enrolment forms are available at the Parish Office. Children baptised as infants and who have reached year 4 of school are eligible for the Sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Communion. The programme begins in February to prepare them for

  • Reconciliation during Lent
  • Confirmation mid year
  • First Holy Communion in Spring

Adult Confirmation

You are invited to attend RCIA enquiry nights for information and/or contact our Parish Office giving name, address and phone number. An interview with a member of our Pastoral Team will help determine appropriate preparation.

Where possible adults presenting for Confirmation will celebrate the Sacrament at the Easter Vigil.


The Guardians mission statement is to maintain a

  • welcoming
  • watchful
  • tranquil
  • presence

in the Church enabling St Mary of the Angels in the heart of Wellington to be kept open each day.

We also meet regularly for support and discussion and welcome new members.

We are mindful that the Church can be:

  • a place for quiet prayer
  • a place that welcomes visitors
  • a place of beauty
  • a place of refuge
  • a place where God has a special presence in the heart of Wellington

If you are able to commit yourself to being present for one hour per week in the Church outside the times of public worship, and would like to join with others in this ministry at St Mary of the Angels please call the parish office on 04 473-8074. A pamphlet is also available from the leaflet rack in the Church porch.