The Trust’s role

The establishment of the Trust, as defined in the constitution, is for “the benefit of religious, charitable and educational purposes of the Parish of St. Mary of the Angels, Boulcott Street, Wellington, New Zealand and in particular, but without limitation:

the restoration of the historic Church of St Mary of the Angels, and,
the ongoing maintenance, upkeep and preservation of the Church of St Mary of the Angels, the preservation and upkeep of the Church’s archives and any historical exhibition, maintenance of the presbytery and development and maintenance of the grounds and environs..

To assist with the above listed objectives the Trust will:

solicit donations and gifts (including testamentary gifts),
accept the control and custody of any assets which assist the Trust in achieving its objectives,
(c )
upgrade and restore the Church and where appropriate and necessary to renew, replace any part or parts and to add to or modify in accordance with best trade practices to a state where it is in good order and condition,
Operate a capital fund (the “Reserve Fund”) from which the income may be applied to meet the on going costs of maintaining and preserving the restored historic church and in maintaining the
presbytery, grounds and environs surrounding the church,
promote and assist in the maintenance and preservation of the special character of the church and its environs.

The Trust is an independent body with its own constitution and separate from the Parish of St Mary of the Angels although its primary reason for existence is as detailed above. Whenever the Parish of St Mary of the Angels, through its Parish Priest, the Parish’s Preservation and Maintenance Committee and Finance Committee decide major work is necessary they work together with the Trust when finance is required. The Trust is not necessarily the lead fund raiser or only provider of funds and the Finance Committee will also, on occasions, approach donors and organisations for funding part or all of such work as is necessary. Any funds provided or raised by the Trust are decided only by the trustees who must always consider the financial viability of the Trust at any given time.

The office of the Friends of St Mary of the Angels Charitable Trust is established at 17 Boulcott Street, Wellington 6011, New Zealand. Telephone 64-4-473-8074. Facsimile 64-4-4738066.